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The Covington Database holds details of now over 24,500 Covingtons. To sort this data into bite size chunks and to make it easier to open pages, I have split the data into alphabetical groups, sorted by Christian name. Just click on your letter choice below & then scan through the list that appears to find your selected name


Each record shows the Covington, Coventon or Covernton with a unique Ref Number Identifier which can be used in the Search Engine to cross reference with other links, e.g. parents & offspring. Also included are birth date, birthplace, father's name & ref no., mother's name & ref no., marriage details, incl. date, place, spouse & spouse ref no., death details, date, place & age plus any other info that I have found relating to that individual.


The site offers a Google Sponsored search engine facility which can provide links to your selected criteria. Click on the hyperlink to be directed to the full entry.


For information: All those “Covingtons” born as a Covington are shown in uppercase, those who married into the family name are in lowercase. To help find individuals where an actual birth date is not known I have established some simple rules, they are as follows:


Marriage date known but not birth date = Marriage year less 22. (not particularly scientific but based on the fact that until recent years the average age at marriage was 22)


First child’s birth date known but not marriage date = Child birth year less 1.


Birth date known but not marriage date = Birth year plus 22. (see above)


I never guess at death dates and always use the terms "around ", if I don't really know a date for sure, and "during", if I know the year but not the exact date. Occasionally where it is totally impractical to guess at a date, I'll use the terms "before" or "after".  A number of records come from the U.K. Public Record Office Indexes which often only provide the quarter of the year that an event took place, i.e. Birth, Marriage or Death. These quarters are Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep & Oct-Dec and recorded as such in the database.


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