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A lot of information contained within this website has been gleaned & interpreted from other people’s research. Wherever possible I endeavour to give credit to those who have created the work, whether it be written or photographic. It is often very difficult to trace copyright ownership and I would hope that, in light of this being a hobbyist, non-profit study into simply the Covington name, should any item included be subject to copyright, the owner will either be happy for me to use it, or request it to be removed, which I will adhere to with immediate effect.


As the project has evolved, I have not only learnt lots about the Covingtons, but also, a tremendous amount about the skills needed to be a good genealogist. The authors of the various reference works listed below will have spent many, many hours researching their chosen subjects. Some of the info found in these books are suspect, as no doubt, is some within my own work. To coin a well-known phrase “Don’t shoot the piano player” – we, genealogists, generally accept info provided by others in good faith, but do our best to check it out. “Trust but verify” seems to be a good motto for Family Tree Historians.


Some of the books available can be found online free of charge or via commercial family history sites for the usual membership fees. Others, if hardcopy print only, will need to be bought, assuming they are still available. Hyperlinks access the item if available online


A brief account of Simon Covington born about 1760, Maryland” and Elizabeth Bennett born 1773, Maryland by Stacie Mehr, featuring Covington family, Bennett family, Gatewood family. 


An historical sketch of Junius Gilbert Covington and Florence A. Pectol”, created by Hal Covington, Bunny Talbot and Jodi Keys. Including info on Covington family, Pectol family, Junius Gilbert Covington, 1896-1954 and Florence "A" Pectol Covington, 1900-1976. 24 pages


"Bestland", Essex County, Virginia by Lloyd Covington 1923-1997 and Helen Covington 1929 - The descendants of William Covington I, 1618-1696.


"British Roots of Maryland Families" (pages 139-140) by Robert Barnes has many errors. This should not be used as a reference. Is available online through Ancestry.com, membership fees applicable and in libraries.


“Covington and allied families of the northern neck of Virginia” by Robert Edward Dungan.


Covington and Kin” – Elbert Eskel Covington 260 pages covering info on Covington family, Coventon family, Tindall family, Bennett family, Boyd family, Costner family, Chostner family, Everett family, Stewart family, Thomas family, Tindal family.


Covington cousins” - a genealogy of the Covingtons and some of the related families by Eurie Covington White, Dallas TX copyright 1956. 156 pages.


Covington Family” – Chapter 3 of family tree work by James Lou Poole. A very thorough, well presented piece of research. Along with the work of DeCosta Euclid Covington (“Covingtons Remembered”), this is one of the best sources of info for the early Covingtons in the U.S.A.


Covington family of Somerset and Talbot Counties, Eastern Shore of Maryland” by Antoinette Harrison Covington, 71 pages.


“Covingtons of Essex & Amelia Counties VA, Edgefield & Abbeville Counties SC and Loundes & Panola Counties MS” in April 2000 by Martin Bryan Covington


“Covingtons Remembered”” – published 1991 by DaCosta Euclid Covington (1924-200). Along with the work of James Lou Poole (“Covington Family”) this is one of the best sources of info for the early Covingtons in the U.S.A.


“Estate Records 1772-1933. Book 1” by Myrtle N Bridges has Covingtons on pages 224-287. The earliest Covington will in this excellent book is 1801. Each entry is the estate record for the deceased (not limited to the will)


“Family notes - Stokes County, North Carolina” : McAnally, Davis, Fulton, Redman : along with associated families: Covington, Eason, Carter, Boothe, Wright, Morgan, Dunlap, Estes, Gentry, Green, Hollingsworth, Smith, Vawter by J. Daniel Mahar.


“My folk” - the first three hundred years, 1670-1970 : a study of many first settlers and founders of old Anson and Richmond Counties, North Carolina by Eleanor Pratt Covington McSwain.


“Our Kin” by W H Manning Jr & Edna Anderson Manning of Barnwell SC, published 1958 (hardback book purchased).


Pioneers, planters and preachers” - Gathings, Covington, Sanford, Murphy, Compere and related lines by Lee Jones and Cinda Sue Gathings Jones in 2011. Featuring Gathings family, Compere family, Covington family, Murphy family, Nance family, Pettigrew family, Rushing family, Sanford family. 138 pages.


“Richmond County Grave Yard Record and Tombstone Records” by Carol E Benton, 1996. Includes dates and relationships from gravestones.


“Shade's tree : a history of the family of Shadrack Tootle Dixon and his wives”, Elizabeth Cason and Judy Covington by John James Dixon.


“Some Covington family records; vol 1, 2, 3 & 4” by Elbert Eskel Covington.


“Terrell & Eranda Covington Genealogy” by  William Oates Covington Jr. Published by Broadfoot Publishing Company, 2005.


“The Covington Family” by Nella Covington Imlay, Zanesville, Ohio 1968.


“The Covington Family” by William B Covington, published 1994, 71 pages. Copy held at Waco, McLellan Library TX.


“The Covington Explosion” - with related families by William Russell Jackson & Mary L Jackson. (hardback book purchased).


"The Covingtons - being a collection of family information" October 1941 by William Covington Slaughter, Omaha, covers Covingtons who settled in the Eastern part of the U.S. 1833-1927. (available on microfiche at LDS Center, Salt Lake City UT.


“The genealogy and Civil War diary of James William Covington (1838-1909)” : born in Zanesville, Ohio; died in Bardolph, Illinois : also the genealogy of his father, James B. Covington, born January 1791 in Delaware; died 1839 in Zanesville, Ohio by James William Covington, 1838-1909 and Virginia Page Covington, 1916.


The Hollyday and related families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland”; including the Truman, Vaughan, Covington, Lloyd, Robins, Chamberlaine, Hayward, Carmichael, Murray, Bennett, Earle, Chew, Hemsley, Tilghman, Goldsborough, and other families by James Bordley 1874-1956. 374 pages.


“The House of Hill”, the story of the Hills and other allied families : Covington, Hammond, Coleman, Florence, Galbreath, Gilliland, Kinnear, Sharp, Shawhan, Hamilton, Yoakum, McKinley, Litten, Whiteside, Gulick, Wilson, Schleich, Davis, Hott, by Kathryn Hill Arbogast.


The Lewis family tree - the descendants of Abram Henry Lewis and Geraldine Lafayette Covington” (4th edition in 2000) by William Robert Osborne, Marvel Lewis Osborne. 81 pages.




My thanks are due to the following persons, without whose help much of my work would not have been possible. They have also proven to be a great motivation at times when the sheer scale of such a project became daunting


Samantha Covington - a budding authoress and recent genealogical convert, whose 1st edition "Covington Rules O.K!" is an excellent read.


Don Kingsley Covington - A major contributor with extensive U.S. family tree data.


Andrew Pye - His work on the families of Steeple Morden has been most helpful.


Simon Parsons - Webmaster of the Covington Amenities Committee Website in Huntingdonshire from which I have no doubt breached every copyright and apologise unreservedly.


Albin Jack Covington - who sent me loads of data on the William tree from the US


Gary Covington III - for the wonderful scroll his father produced in the early 60s detailing his tree


Charles Clement Covernton - for all his contributions to the Covernton history files


William Edward Covington - an American now based in Germany - visit his webpages at www.covington.de


Initial contributors by post


Arthur Kenneth Covington, Bruce Lyon Covington, Carol Ann Covington, Clarence Covington, Doris L. Covington, Frederick Ernest Covington, Frederick James Covington, Gary John Covington, George Russell Covington, Gladys M. Izzard, Herbert Covington, Horace William George Covington, Kenneth George Covington, Jeanne M McCormick, John Philip Covington, John Stenton Covington, Joy Margaret Covington, Mary Wickcliffe Covington, Nicholas Covington, Patrick John O’Neill Covernton, Ralph John Covington, Richard Goddard Covington, Terence Covington, William John Covington


A listing that includes email contacts and links to other web pages is available by clicking here.


Please note some of these were the original e-mail addresses used at the time of contact, some may no longer be active. If they are inactive, I would be grateful if you could inform me via covingtonhistory@mhcovington.plus.com.



Many thanks for all of their memories and willingness to correspond with a complete stranger, even if he did share their name!


And to others: (click on red links to see moreinfo)


Mary Nickel from the Covington Newberry Historical Society in Ohio, Wikitree , Ancestry.co.uk, Family Search - IGI, Donna from the Covington Downtown Development in Louisiana, The Covington County Bank in Andalusia, William Bailey Williford - author of the Glory of Covington, Elizabeth Mount from Fort Covington in New York, Kathy Durley Scheetz from the South Sioux City Public Library, Northern Kentucky Information Centre, Tipton County Bank, Merchant Taylor's School Records, Ashwell, Various U.K. Libraries, The Public Records Office at Kew & St Catherine's House, The Census Office, The British Genealogical Society, Cyndi's List, Covington Directors, Ellis Island Records, Find a Grave, Free Ancestry.com, Free MBD Project, Free Census, GenForum, Geni List, Legacy Obituaries, RootsWeb, The Genealogist, U.S. Genweb Project, U.S. Immigration Access, The U.K. Forces War Records, U.S. Military Archives, U.S. Obituaries, U.S. State Map, World Connect, , Microsoft Office, Google & Michelin Tyre Co. PLC


and finally, to my family for putting up with me "Playing with the dead" (a phrase coined by my late mother) for all these years.


Martin H.Covington


Please send e-mails to: covingtonhistory@mhcovington.plus.com

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