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Updated 25 April 2023 (includes 116 new or amended family history records since last update on 24/12/2022)     


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Whether you are a Covington, a Coventon or a Covernton, this is the site for you to find out all that there is to know about your ancestry. Everything you have ever wanted to know about the Covington name and its various derivatives can be found in is website. One researched tree goes back thru’ 17 generations - could it be yours?


Extensive research over the past 40 years has resulted in this site recording genealogical details of over 30,200 fortunate individuals to have carried the famous Covington name. Many were born with it and others maybe just got lucky by marrying in to it!!  There are still many more to find. Most Covington locations in the U.S. were named after a Covington. Read all about it, It’s all here!!


My site majors on all facets of the Covington name from its origins, its people and the various places named after it. My eternally unfinished works include extensive history of Covingtons through the ages. From the earliest recorded William de Covington in the 13th century, via the odd murderer, political figures, a Middlesex county cricketer, MLB, NBA & NFL players, a widely despised neo-nazi and quite a number of U.K & U.S. war heroes, to music chart topping Julie and many, many more of the Covington's of yesterday & today. The section on locations named Covington provides geographical & historical data on all of those places that share our name.


So, if you are a Covington, related in some way, or have some interesting info on a Covington placename, please e-mail me at covingtonhistory@mhcovington.plus.com  and let me have more details. By providing family data you will guarantee you and your family a place in the Covington History Database, as soon as I find time to update the many records I still have to add.


According to research there were 37,575 Covingtons alive in 2014 making it the 14,828th most popular surname in the world. Your personal contribution will help to produce an even more-detailed genealogical picture of our family name, for generations of Covingtons in the future to enjoy.


Thanks for visiting. Simply use the links in the list below to enter the wonderful world of Covington. I hope you enjoy your search.


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Links & descriptions

How it all began for me - My excuses for spending over 40 years searching for Covingtons around the globe.

Where are we from? - Some research on how the now famous Covington name came to be, plus early Covington history.

Coat of Arms - A number of variations for the famous Covington Coat of Arms.

The Covington Database - Access to the full database detailing all the Covingtons I have managed to track down to date.

Famous or infamous? - A collection of those Covingtons who might be considered to be "Famous" or "Infamous".

Photo Fileover 1500 photos of Covingtons through the years from all parts of the world – other option Individual.

Latest Updates - A listing of all recent entries or updates added to the Covington Database.

Missing Father Data - A list of all the Covingtons for whom I need to trace their father's details. With this info I can tie more family trees together.

Other Derivatives - Details of historical spellings & charts showing popularity and worldwide spread of the Covington name.

Name Pronunciation - Exactly how do you pronounce Covington?

Family Trees - A number of the larger Covington trees collected together for you to view and/or download.

US Lineage - How the Covington name first came to be established in the U.S.A.

Covington Places - Brief details for all of the counties, cities, towns and villages named Covington throughout the world.

Odds & Sods - The Covington name also crops up in films, books, TV series, movies, businesses, ships etc, etc – read all about it.

Tracing your tree - Some tips on how best to trace your direct ancestors.

Acknowledgments - E-mail addresses of major contributors to this project, plus details of other useful Covington History sources.

A Better Place To Be - Part novel, part auto-biography - my early-life story.



All data included in this site has either been obtained from public records, published www information or submitted personally by a contributor. It is not my intention to cause any distress to any individual or family, merely to provide a service of interest to Covingtons around the world, therefore any persons mentioned on this site who are not happy about their entry should request amendment or removal by e-mailing covingtonhistory@mhcovington.plus.com. I always endeavour to give credit to those who have created the work, whether it be written or photographic. It is often very difficult to trace copyright ownership and I would hope that, in light of this being a hobbyist, non-profit study into simply the Covington name, should any item included be subject to copyright, the owner will either be happy for me to use it, or request it to be removed, which I will adhere to with immediate effect.





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